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What you’ll need

  • A smartphone
  • A valid Ghana Card
  • A mobile money account
  • If a registered company, you need your company registration documents
  • A valid identification card for specific service providers like drivers and nurses including Ghana card
helpbudy service is not an employer, but simply connects independent service professionals with customers.
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Real Jobs. Right Now.

Say goodbye to leads and referrals. Requests that come through the helpbudy platform are actual jobs for you, not leads to be purchased.


Acquire New Customers.

Expand your customer base from new job sources. Tap into residential and small commercial jobs with helpbudy's extensive partnerships with our customers.


Minimize Downtime.

Fill holes in your job schedule and keep your crew working. Let your team focus on the repairs, and let us worry about the marketing, invoicing, and collections.


Work when you want to

With us, you can choose your own working hours and only accept jobs based on your availability.

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